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Our productivity tips are here to help you to make the most of your time. Business owning can mostly feel like there are never enough hours in the day. A small few tweaks in how you spend your time can maximise your productivity and feelings of accomplishment.

Productivity tips

5 productivity tips

Prioritise rest

Firstly, we’re starting with the one thing most business owners forget…rest! Make sure you prioritise yourself because, without you, your business can’t run. Just like you would book any other meeting, appointment or ‘to do’ into your diary make sure to book out rest time too. Taking breaks increases productivity.

Automate processes

Automate as much of your business as you can. If there are things you do exactly the same, every day, it is time to automate it. Here are some ideas:

*Create email template drafts ready to copy + paste for enquiries
*Avoid unexpected meetings or visits
*Talking of meetings, turn quick ones online, thank you Zoom
*Use accountancy software like Xero to easily track your incomings and outgoings

Increase productivity by removing distractions

In the modern world, there are distractions everywhere. Turn off your phone, notifications, social media and everything else that is not serving to help you complete the current task you are working on. The environment you work in is really important too. Get away from noisy or uncomfortable environments and avoid personal phone and texting.

Top Tip: Be a sharer not a scroller on social media

Use helpful software

Technology can be amazing for productivity if used correctly. There are many apps and software programmes available to increase your productivity and efficiency for you, your business and your employees.

Outsource tasks

Finally, if there’s a task you don’t enjoy doing, outsource it. You’re more likely to save money from maximising your time on other tasks you can complete in an efficient manner than time wasted procrastinating over a task you dread. For your accountant needs, contact us.