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Welcome to the new, secure and easy way clients can send bank statements to CRASL.


Armalytix collates and provides us with a financial information report replacing the slow, manual and sometimes frustrating process of dealing with bank statements. 

To see how the process through Armalytix works see the video below. 

Introducing Armalytix.

Why Armalytix?

It’s Secure- Armalytix uses bank-level security processes.

It asks consent – You are in control and get to consent at every stage of the process.

It gives you control – Armalytix cannot move money, make payments or control your account in any way.

It’s Direct – Armalytix only securely shares information with your permission and only with the business who requested it.

Relevant – Unlike bank statements, Armalytix only gathers the information you have been asked to share and nothing more.

It’s easy to use.

The Process of Creating Your Report

In just a few clicks from desktop or mobile

Armalytix will help you prepare a report quickly and securely from one or many bank accounts. 

It’s faster, easier and more secure than sending bank statements.

Just follow this simple process:

How Do I get Started?

When we begin your Year End Accounts we will email you a link so that Armalytix can start the process of collating the information we need.

Just follow the instructions and fill in the fields and let Armalytix do the rest. 

Read Trust Pilot reviews about the software at https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/armalytix.com

If you’d like to discuss the new process or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team who will be happy to help.

Call us on 01728 687000 or email info@crasl.co.uk