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There are many benefits of using Xero accountancy software. Xero is online accounting software that automates everyday business tasks. A tool to make life easier for business owners to keep control of their numbers.

Xero includes features like invoicing, payroll and reporting. It’s a small business accounting software that has all you need to manage your accounts effortlessly and accurately.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using Xero accountancy software

You can see your current financial position, in real-time

Firstly, Xero connects directly to your bank account. This means that you can log-in daily to see what transactions have happened and then reconcile those transactions so that you know what they were for.

Xero saves you time

Xero will help you gain control of your business transactions and your finances will be organised. By categorising income, expenses and matching payments to invoices you can save a lot of time at year-end.

Run your business from anywhere

Most importantly Xero means you can access your business finances anytime. You can use any internet-connected device – phone, tablet, or computer.

Get multi-user access

By using the cloud you can give your staff access to the areas they need to do their job. Additionally, you can invite your accountant to collaborate with you on your business in real-time.

Receive faster payments

Another great benefit is that you can use Xero to easily create and send invoices. Furthermore, alongside these online payments, you can set up invoice reminders for quicker payment.

What’s next? Well, whether you are new to using accounting software or want to use it efficiently, we can help you. 

We are experts in Xero and offer training to help you become one too. Our training is centred around you and what you want to get out of it. We can take you from set up, to organisation and to using your accounting software with confidence.

For more details on our accounting software training in Suffolk, please contact: Laura Stubbs laura.stubbs@crasl.co.uk or Gareth Baskett Gareth.baskett@crasl.co.uk