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Business expense cards help you do expenses the modern way. Say goodbye to lost receipts, cash boxes and unverified expenditure.

Business expense cards by Tide

What is a business expense card?

Business expense cards are a great way to enable your employees to cover costs they incur while doing their jobs. You can give staff a preloaded business expense card that they would use like a normal debit card to pay for things such as fuel, meals, stationery etc.

Where to get one

We love Tide Banking because you’re able to set different spending limits for each team expense card – or have no limit at all. You can even order a Tide Expense Card for up to 35 people per account.

5 benefits of business expense cards from Tide

Say goodbye to piles of paper

Business expense cards allow your team to make purchases straight from your account. Each of your team members can have their own card which means that transactions can be itemised per person. This all makes paper expense claims a thing of the past.

Protect and manage access

Expense Cards are secure and give your team more flexibility. Tide cards can be linked to the Tide app which means you can freeze cards, order replacements and change PIN numbers.

Set spending limits on your business expense cards

Tide allows you to decide, set-up and manage your team’s Expense Cards. You can set up and decide spending limits or opt for no limit at all, all within the Tide app.

Track spending

View your team’s expenses, all in one place. With Tide’s company expense cards, you have easy access to see exactly who has spent what, allowing you to keep a hold on company costs.

Customise transaction labels

Tide’s auto categories will automatically label your transactions, helping you to keep track of your purchases. Or customise your view by creating labels of your own.

business expense cards