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Dext is the business expense tracker that tracks, reads and stores your receipts and invoices on the go. This means you can focus less on finance and more of your time on what really matters: growing your business.

Whether you’re a small-to-medium sized business, a sole trader or self-employed, it can transform the way you do business. It makes your accounting admin easy, quick and painless.

Capture, store and keep track of your business receipts, bills, invoices and bank statements with Dext’s award-winning technology. Start expensing more, paying less tax and saving vital hours in your week.

Where does the name come from?

Dext made up their name from two words. Dexterity – a nod to the real dexterity that accountants bring to business problems, and next as in the next generation of accountants.

Dext dashboard
Dext dashboard

What does Dext offer?

Precision (formerly Xavier) now becomes the ultimate data toolkit. It means you can work with more clients to get better insights from accurate data. 

With error-free data and proactive insights, you can upskill your practice and become an indispensable business partner for more of your clients.

Dext have made a new, single view dashboard bringing useful insights from both Precision and Prepare together in one place. 

Prepare and Precision dual users get clear client insights from both Dext products being brought together, so you can see what needs attention in an instant. 

The Dashboard gives you total numbers of documents to be actioned, a clear view of client onboarding, and a regular view of payroll status, regular suppliers, overpayments and sales tax status for your most important clients. 

How is all this going to help my business?

Using Dext products makes bookkeeping more profitable, frees up your best people to focus on your most important clients and gives you more accurate data to advise them with financial insights in real time. 

In short, more productive and profitable practices from better data. 

If you would like to explore Dext software, send us an email and we can help you get started.

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