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Firstly, a big warm welcome as a new client at CRASL. We understand that choosing an accountant is a big decision. This is why we like to keep our onboarding process streamlined. This means you can focus on running your business with no disruptions. So, what can you expect to happen next?

Here’s what to expect next as a new client at CRASL

Say hello

Firstly, an initial meeting helps to discuss all the details. From expectations to goals, we’ll discuss it all. We build our accounting services around you and to match the needs of your business. However large or small your company is, we focus on adding value precisely where you need it.

Getting all the details

Secondly, it is the time to add you to our system. We will update all your details and if you had an accountant prior to us, we will request details from them too. This makes the switch a seamless task for you.

All good working relationships start with an introduction. You will meet our skilled and friendly team members that will be working with you (you can get a sneak peek of the team here). We pride ourselves on our accessible approach to accountancy. This means focusing on building long-lasting, individual relationships with all of our clients.

As a new client at CRASL, the first few months will focus on getting to know each other

Naturally, over time we will get to know each other a lot better. For instance, we will have a catch-up after the first three months to check how everything is going. By discussing best practices and our expectations from working together we can be be even more efficient. We prioritise working with each of our clients for smarter, faster solutions that free you up to nurture your business.

Ask questions, gain clarity or just say hi…that is what we’re here for

Above all, we love to keep up-to-date with our clients. Whether you’re a new client at CRASL or you’ve been a client for a while, we’re always here to chat. We especially love to hear your business success stories. We always encourage our clients to ask questions about anything you don’t understand or would like more clarity on.

Our door is always open to new and existing customers. If you would like to discuss your accountancy needs we’d love to hear from you, contact us here. Be sure to follow us on Facebook too for all of the latest updates.