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A new one-stop online shop has been launched by HMRC.

Its aim is to provide taxpayers with all the necessary information surrounding tax reliefs and financial help that is available from HMRC.

In this new section, HMRC have listed all the financial support that is available to ensure individuals are aware.

The online shop has been designed to make it easy for taxpayers to claim benefits, credits, and allowances that they may not have realized they were entitled to.

HMRC has offered guidance and tools for childcare relief and work-related expenses.

Also information about savings and getting help if you are unable to pay your tax bill.

Myrtle Lloyd, Director General for Customer Services at HMRC, said:

‘We encourage those who think they may be eligible for support to take a look and claim what they’re entitled to – it could make an important difference to household budgets at a time when it’s needed the most.’

The new online section is important to highlight the range of support that is available to individuals and families around the UK.

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