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Focusing on positive things you can do when business is slow can help change your mindset, shift your focus and make actionable change. Slow periods in business can be a refreshing break to focus on the business itself away from client work.

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4 positive things you can do when business is slow

Revisit your products or services

Firstly, check that you’re happy with the products and services you offer, ensuring they are up-to-date and aligned with your business goals. If you aren’t feeling good about them, you’ll naturally stop yourself from really promoting them and you won’t seem genuine when you do talk about them. When you’re excited about what you’re doing, your audience will be too.

Catch up on admin

You know all those tasks you always put off for “when you’re less busy”? Now is that time!

This could be catching up on your bookkeeping, filing your tax return, going digital with your finances or refreshing your website that’s gathering virtual dust. Make a list of the admin tasks you need to get sorted and get to work. It feels amazing to tick things off your to-do list when you’ve done them, and when things get busy you’ll be so happy that you don’t have these little tasks niggling at you.

Invest your time and energy into learning

As an expert in your field, you have a responsibility to improve your skills and continually offer your best. It can be difficult to fit in training and personal development time between clients so this quiet time is perfect. Maybe you’ve been trying to find time to finally learn how to use that accountancy software.

Building your skill set will not only boost your confidence but will also give you more experience to share with your audience. Showing your new skill is a great way of marketing yourself and bringing in new clients. Research, read and complete that course you’ve been wanting to do.

Helping others is a really positive thing you can do when business is slow

The best way to market yourself is to show up and help people. This cements you as an expert and also someone who is great to work with. You could do this by sharing some tips on your social media, replying to people who are struggling with something in your field and joining Facebook groups and offering help.

Quiet periods can give you the opportunity to create change, growth and long-lasting improvements for when things get busy again.