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Taking on an employee for the first time can be a big step in your business but it is important to do it correctly. Here are things to consider when making that all important decision.

Taking on an employee for the first time

5 things to consider when taking on am employee for the first time

Decide on a wage

From a salary, to an hourly rate it is important to decide on a wage that not only suits your business but exceed the National Minimum Wage. You can use this calculator to help.


Tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) by registering as an employer – you can do this up to 4 weeks before you pay your new staff.  

Get a helpful accountant

Accountants can do way more than only help with tax returns.

Whether your business has one employee or several hundred, CRASL’s comprehensive payroll service is a time and money efficient way to manage the process to guarantee a hassle-free payday every month. We are also able to help you with auto-enrolment on to pension schemes.

Taking on an employee for the first time means you need employment insurance

You need employers’ liability insurance as soon as you become an employer.

Check if you need to apply for a DBS check 

The DBS check (formerly known as a CRB check) is required if you work in a field that requires one, eg with vulnerable people or security.