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The Spring Budget 2024 for the UK, presented by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, outlined several key areas of focus. Here are a few of those areas :

Economic Outlook

▪︎ The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) forecasts inflation to fall to the government’s 2% target by Q2 2024, a year earlier than previously predicted.

▪︎ Real wages are expected to rise due to falling inflation, with real household disposable income (RHDI) per person growing by 0.8% in 2023-24. The UK economy showed resilience, with a growth of 0.1% in 2023, and the unemployment rate remained low at 3.8% in Q4 2023.

Fiscal Measures

▪︎ The budget aims to reduce Public Sector Net Borrowing (PSNB) by detailing the cost or yield of all government decisions affecting PSNB up to 2028-29.

▪︎ Tax measures, changes to Departmental Expenditure Limits (DEL), and adjustments to annually managed expenditure (AME) are included in the budget’s scope.

Taxation & Spending

▪︎ A further reduction in the national insurance contribution rate from 10% to 8% starting April 2024 was announced.

▪︎ The budget includes policy costings and data sources used in the Spring Budget 2024 document, providing transparency on the government’s financial decisions.

For a comprehensive list of all the changes, you can refer to the official documents released by the government here, which include detailed policy decisions, costings, and their impact on households.

Other Highlights