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Tide business banking provide a modern solution to business banking and we love them. This is why we have partnered with them to happily recommend them to our clients.

From free signup, no monthly fees and powerful in-app features, they make business banking simple and scales with your business.

5 reasons we love Tide Business Banking

Free, easy and fast sign-up

Banking with Tide means no queueing or appointment needed because the sign-up can be completed from home in as little as ten minutes. It’s completely free and really easy to do.

Suits companies of all sizes

Tide has features to suit companies of all sizes. Freelancers, sole traders, consultants and contractors can enjoy straightforward business current accounts at no monthly cost to get started. Small businesses and limited companies can save time with accounting integration, invoicing directly from the app and Team Cards for easy expense management. Scaling businesses can upgrade to the Plus or Premium memberships to gain more support and enjoy exclusive perks.

Tide business banking

Tide Business Banking comes with easy card management

There’s nothing worse than wasting time on hold or queuing at a bank to sort out card problems. We love that you can freeze and unfreeze cards, get PIN reminders, and order replacements in 
just seconds.

Keep everything in one place

One less password to remember is always a bonus! With Tide there’s no need for a separate invoicing system because you can keep on top of your invoices directly in the app. This feature makes it really easy to track paid and unpaid invoices so you can track and categorise transactions.

24-hour support

Finally, the peace of mind we’re all looking for with our business banking. You can easily send Tide a message in the app and their team is ready to help 24 hours a day.

Don’t just take our word for it, it’s good to know 150,000 other UK businesses are using Tide too. As we mentioned, sign-up is completely free so you can try it out for yourself, without any pressure or ties.