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What does a bookkeeper do? We asked our bookkeeper Emma to tell us about her daily routine, her career progression and advice for others wanting to become a bookkeeper.

What does a bookkeeper do? Image of our bookkeeper Emma.

What is your job role?

I work mostly in the bookkeeping department but also complete payroll jobs too.

How did your career start?

After finishing my business admin course I gained a role in sales admin but started to take on some of the accounting task too. From there I studied for my ICB qualification in bookkeeping. Since I gained my qualification I have worked for 4 companies as a bookkeeper taking on more and more tasks and responsibilities before I came to Crasl.

How long have you worked at Crasl?

I have been with Crasl for just over a year.

What does a bookkeeper do and what does a typical day look like for you?

I always check through my emails as a first job of the morning. I then try to list and prioritise my tasks for the day.

Although I may have a plan of what I need to do emails or calls in from clients can sometimes alter the course of the day depending on what is required. I usually have a list of jobs for the month and then another list of jobs to complete that week.

If a payroll job comes in I try and get them done in the morning. We have weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly and monthly jobs that come in so certain payroll jobs have to be run on certain days.

In bookkeeping I would process sales and purchase invoices, bank reconciles and once all information has been input we can run vat reports and then make a submission to HMRC.

We use 3 different types of software for bookkeeping and making submissions. Some of our clients input some information themselves. Some clients we process from start to finish. We are able to set up bank payment runs for some clients depending on the service they require.

What are your favourite things about your role?

*Job variation – no 2 days are ever the same.

*Friendly & supportive team – we all support each other and there is always good office banter.

*When I get good feedback for the work I have done for clients

Finally, what advice would you give to someone wanting to be a bookkeeper?

Have confidence in what you are doing & never be afraid to ask for help.